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    If school, will kids come with teacher for: Set amount of timeJust "fly by"

    Will it be indoors? yesno

    If not, will there be a tent with curtains provided? yesno

    Will there be tables and chairs set up? (displays need a 6’ long table each): yesno

    Will there be door prizes or other incentives for target audience? yesno

    We would like to partner throughout the year, can we schedule one of the items below? yesno

    Check all that apply: Health related article in newsletter or websitePayroll stuffers with health informationBreak room “buzzwords” near time clock or in stairwaysAllow us to post national campaign (i.e. “Diabetes Alert Day”) posters at your facilitySpeaker on health topic for employee lunch ‘n learn or support groupConsultation on food available to target audience (vending areas, cafeterias, mtgs)We can join your health advisory council