Display Scheduling Form

Display Scheduling Form

    Note: submission of the request is not a confirmation.

    Choose up to four (4) of the interchangeable posters below to make your own three-fold display. *Value to replace if lost or damaged is $50 each.


    The Great Tobacco Gross OutSucked-InVaping Myths and FactsE-Cig & Vape Pens GenerationsE-Cigs contain NicotineCigs in a Pod

    Healthy Eating
    Build a Healthy Plate (2 separate posters)Sodium MathJunk Food FactsTips to eating Healthy Fast Food

    A Healthy FutureGerms are all around youLos microbios están por todo ladoHandwashing is your superpowerTu superpoder es lavarte las manosOne trillion germsUn trillón de microbiosPrincess PoopPrincesa de CacaSpreading Germs is OUTWally Cat CoughHow to wash your hands!Keep calm and wash your handsMantenga la calma y lávese las manosGerms are scary

    These are 3-fold displays (non-interchangeable!).*Values are listed with each item.
    Eating Healthy on a Budget ($455)Fruits & Veggies ($455)Eating a Rainbow Banner ($150)Healthy from Head to Toe Banner ($150)What You Should know about Nutrition ($120)

    Grab 'n Go Box
    Grab ‘n Go Box (containing LFCHD services info)

    Props/Activity Guides
    Dermascan Machine ($1,000)Secrets of Good Health Hatbox (hat box with props inside and script) ($50)Fat & Muscle Blobs (5# in purple bag) ($200)Clem's Phlegm ($80)Glow Germ ($50)Inflatable Colon ($5,000)My Plate Pocket Chart ($50)

    Care Instructions for displays/props:
    • Do not leave any part of the displays or props in your car (especially during hot and extremely cold weather).
    • Please shelter the display boards/panels/props from rain.
    • Do not drag the canvas display bags. This may tear the bag.
    • Do not leave display panels on board unless instructed to do so at pick-up.
    • We welcome any suggestions you have for improvement, but please do not add props or items to the display.
    • Please do not allow children to bend, tear, or otherwise harm parts of these items.
    • DermaScan: Please place on a sturdy table. Allow to cool before returning to bag. Make sure to return to bag correctly.

    I will be responsible for the above display(s) and/or prop(s) while they are in my care. I will follow the above care instructions. I will return all pieces of these items to the health department at the above agreed upon time. I understand that I will be held responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement (whichever is less) if they are not returned or returned with damage. Approximate replacement costs are listed next to the items.