Emergency Preparedness


For additional questions about emergency preparedness, please call (859) 231-9791.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department Preparedness team’s mission is to assure that if a large scale emergency occurs, the health of the community will be addressed. To accomplish this goal all preparedness work functions involve:


  • Collaboration with internal and external partners to protect the health of the Fayette County community in emergencies;
  • Establishing baseline response expectations and reporting mechanisms to assure response readiness;
  • Measuring and evaluating response and recovery effectiveness;
  • Assuring capacity to manage communication before, during, and after a health emergency;
  • Planning, implementing, and managing programs that include training and exercises to enhance the efforts of LFCHD staff to prevent to responding in times of need; and
  • Developing and managing systems to support the effective use of LFCHD staff and health volunteers during emergency scenarios.



The health department participates in several exercises and activities each year, including its annual large-scale free flu clinic, to test its public health emergency preparedness. If you would like to volunteer with the health department, please visit the Lexington MRC’s website for more information.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for life’s “what ifs”? Life can be full of many unexpected occurrences. In the event that an emergency should strike, you should always make sure you have made a plan ahead of time. Our friends at the Lexington Division of Emergency Management can help you make those plans and give you tips on how to prepare an emergency kit.

Lexington Division of Emergency Management