Onsite Sewage Program (Septic, Septic Tank Pumper)

Onsite Sewage Program (Septic, Septic Tank Pumper)

All individual sewage disposal systems installed in Fayette County must be permitted through the health department.

When applications for lot approvals are received, an environmentalist performs a site evaluation to determine suitability and location for the sewage system. This evaluation also determines design, type and size of the sewage system. A number of design alternatives within the state of Kentucky are available, including constructed wetlands. Lot evaluations are also performed on properties which are for sale, to check on the proper functioning of onsite sewage systems. This program handles any complaints received from the public concerning onsite sewage problems. Complaints are investigated and corrected accordingly. Call (859) 231-9791 for more information or email onsite@lfchd.org. Current hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9:30 a.m.

Sewage Pump Truck Inspections

All sewage pump trucks are inspected annually to ensure the equipment and vehicles are properly maintained and effluent is disposed of properly. Applications for state licenses are processed and issued by the Health Department.

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