Planning an event at your office, school, church, or social group? We can help with presenters, displays and information.

  • Organizations may check out our “grab ‘n go” box with health department services information for use at an event. We also have a variety of health education displays and props that are available for you to borrow free of charge.*
  • You can build your own display! Choose up to four (4) of the interchangeable posters on the topics of sugar, tobacco, healthy eating, and handwashing to make your own three-fold display. *Value to replace if lost or damaged is $50 each.
  • You can also choose from one of our set displays or additional props and activity guides. Click here to view your options.
  • Download our health fair planning guide for step-by-step instruction to create a successful event.

For more information or if you would like to invite health department staff to participate in your health fair planning committee or attend your event, call (859) 288-2446. Or, fill out a form here:

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