The Environmental Health team performs a wide-range of public health services. These include permitting and regulating public swimming pools and spas, hotels/motels, tattoo and body piercing establishments, schools, correctional facilities, youth camps, mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks, public restrooms, and tanning facilities. Call (859) 231-9791 for more information about any of the services listed below.

Tattoo and Body Piercing

All tattoo and body piercing establishments are required to be permitted and all tattoo artists and body piercers are required to be registered and permitted with the health department. Tattoo and body piercing establishments are inspected twice a year, with emphasis on sterilization equipment and techniques, personal hygiene, and proper disposal of waste generated during the tattoo and body piercing procedures. For more information refer to the following:

Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels in Fayette County are inspected once each year for compliance with state regulations in order to ensure the public clean and healthy lodging. Complaints from the public are also investigated as received.

School Inspections

All public, private and parochial schools (grades K – 12) are inspected twice annually for compliance with the Kentucky School Sanitation Regulation. Follow-up inspections are conducted when a score of 90% or less or a critical health or safety violation is observed.

The inspections include checks for adequate lighting; drinking fountains, toilet and handwashing facility availability and sanitation; disposal of solid waste; safety of playground equipment; general safety and cleanliness of premises; use and storage of toxic chemicals and pesticides; presence of insect or rodent infestations; and building maintenance as it relates to the health and safety of the students and faculty.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality issues may now be addressed using the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Tools for Schools” Program. This is in conjunction with the implementation of the program by the Fayette County Public School System.

Public Pools

Fayette County’s public swimming pools, currently 322, are routinely inspected to ensure compliance with state and local regulations for sanitation, safety, and proper operation. New pool plans are reviewed and approved, and the facility is inspected prior to opening to the public. The health department’s Environmental Health staff hold educational classes to provide training in pool safety, maintenance, operator responsibility and the disease causing potential of swimming pool water, thus preventing waterborne disease in public swimming facilities. Written materials on swimming pool safety are provided to pool operators as well as the general public. Pool operators are tested and certified at annual pool schools .

Private Pools

The health department requires that plans for residential backyard pools built in the ground be submitted and meet requirements of Board of Health Regulation #12 prior to construction. These pools are not routinely inspected; however, health department personnel will make visits and offer technical assistance if requested. Written materials on swimming pool safety and maintenance are provided to the public upon request.

Confinement Facilities and Youth Camps

The Confinement Facilities Program involves inspections of state confinement facilities and youth camps, to ensure a healthful and safe environment for persons living in the institution. Institutions are monitored for adequate ventilation, lighting, heat and space, safe water supplies and waste disposal systems, toilet/bath facilities, adequate bedding and solid waste disposal. Also, checks for safety hazards, first aid equipment and certified personnel are performed. Youth camps are inspected prior to opening and while in session each summer. Blackburn Correctional Institute is inspected twice annually with follow-up inspections as necessary.

Youth Camps:

Confinement Facilities:

Mobile Home Parks

The Mobile Home Park/Recreational Vehicle Park Inspection Program ensures that mobile home and RV parks in Fayette County meet the safety and sanitary standards for operation. Parks are inspected once every 12 months for compliance with Kentucky’s Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Park Regulation. Complaints from the public are also investigated as received.

Public Restrooms

The Public Restroom program investigates complaints received regarding restroom facilities in public buildings. The program ensures that the facility is in compliance with the state Public Restroom Regulation.


The Kentucky Food Drug and Cosmetic Act requires local health departments to register and monitor tanning facilities. Owners or operators of a tanning facility within Lexington must register. The annual fee is $20.00 per establishment and is valid for one calendar year (January 1-December 31). Registrations must be completed by health department staff. The law also requires that:

  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when using a tanning bed
  • Persons 14-18 must have written parental/guardian consent
  • Written warnings concerning the use of tanning devices must be available to tanning facility clientele by the facility management
  • Each establishment must create and maintain written electronic records showing the dates and duration of use of a tanning device at the tanning facility by children 14-18
  • Signed consent forms and usage records are to be kept on file in the establishment for a period of no less than 2 years and the forms must be made available to the health department upon request

Health effects of over-exposure to tanning beds include:

  • A greatly increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging
  • Light to sever sunburns that have cumulative effects
  • Eye and vision damage (if no eye protection is used)