HANDS Program for Expecting Parents

HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services) is a voluntary educational program for new and expectant parents.

Our specially trained staff partner with parents to offer support, answer questions, build parenting skills and provide valuable information about healthy growth and development throughout pregnancy and the first two years of baby’s life. Any parent may qualify, and services are free. In order to enroll, a parent or caregiver must be pregnant or have a baby under 90 days old.

For information or to enroll in the HANDS program, contact us at 859-288-2338 or email HANDS@LFCHD.org

To view videos and learn more about the HANDS program statewide please visit: www.KYHands.com


“HANDS is an incredible program that we would recommend for any new parents rather young or old. Thanks to HANDS our family has faith that our daughter is right on track when we go to our child wellness visits. We credit HANDS with our daughter’s advance vocabulary and love of reading. It has given us the best advice and tools to encourage learning and play, as well as ways to manage stress.” HANDS parent 2020


“We love the HANDS program! Our experience began when I was pregnant with my son, which was over 4 years ago. One daughter later, we are still learning new things from each HANDS visit. Our Family Support Worker keeps us up to date with all the child development information. She comes up with the greatest (and usually free!) activities and homemade toys. She motivates and encourages us, helping us be the best parents we can be. Through HANDS we have our own personal teacher and cheerleader, and I’m pretty sure our kids think she is a member of the family.” HANDS parent 2020