Our registered dietitians improve the nutrition of adults and children living in Lexington through the following programs:

  • Individual nutrition and diabetes counseling is available with a registered dietitian. A referral form from your doctor is required.
  • CARE blood pressure education program.
  • Worksite wellness programs.
  • Several diabetes programs each year, including monthly support groups.
  • Farm to School program.
  • Tweens Coalition: Better Bites, Fresh Stops, and School Wellness programs.
  • 5210 presentations.
  • MyPlate presentations.
  • Health fairs for community groups, businesses, or schools.

To ask a nutrition question, call a registered dietitian at (859) 288-2446.

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Nutrition Facts labels will soon include a line for added sugars, including a daily limit (percent Daily Value). So, a 20-ounce Coke would reveal that it has 130 percent of the added sugars limit for a day. The new labels also will give more visual emphasis to calories and will no longer include “calories from fat,” reflecting the new understanding that saturated and trans fat increase the risk of heart disease, while polyunsaturated fats can reduce that risk. The labels will make voluntary vitamins A and C, which most Americans get plenty of, but potassium and vitamin D will be added. Serving sizes will better reflect amounts typically consumed.

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