LFCHD Voice over IP Phone System

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Question: What is the highest total number of agents that could be on the phone at any one given time?

Answer: Over the past 30 days we have a max of 8 agents signed on at the same time. I would, however, plan for at least 10.

Question: At peak, what is the highest number of concurrent calls?

Answer: I am unable to run a report that will tell me the highest number of concurrent calls, however we get an average of 130 calls daily.

Question: What term would you like to see on the proposed agreement and contract with the proposed Cloud Based Phone System?

Answer: We can sign up to a 5 year contract.

Question: Do you prefer monthly or annual billing?

Answer: We do not have a preference.

Question: For phone devices, do you want to purchase them or rent them?

Answer: I think I would prefer that we purchased the devices. However, if it’s not too difficult to include both prices then do.

Question: What is the existing phone system?

Answer: It is currently a cloud based hosted system.

Question: Who is the current telco service provider?

Answer: Broadcom

Question: How many numbers will need to be ported?

Answer: 300-400 numbers.

Question: Dedicated phone cabling? If so, is it Cat 5 or better w/ RJ-45 terminations at each end?

Answer: yes to both.

Question: Do they have gigabit PoE network switches w/ open ports for all phones?

Answer: yes

Question: What type of Internet Services are at both offices and who are the ISPs?

Answer: dedicated 1GB bi-directional fiber, Metronet and Accelecom are the providers.

Question: What type of equipment will be required?

Answer: We will need only phones and fax ata devices.

Question: Do they currently have telephones or softphones today?

Answer: Mix of both, but mostly physical phones.

Question: If so, what are they using?

Answer: Currently using Webex as softphones and polycom phones for physical phones.

Question: Are they experiencing any call quality issues currently? 

Answer: Not currently.

Question: Can the company use a shared web-fax account or does each user need an individual one? 

Answer: We currently share 14, or so, shared fax numbers.

Question: How many call center agents?

Answer: 1 call center 20 agents.

Question: When would they want the installation (during business hours, weekends, etc.)?

Answer: After hours would be best.

Question: Can LFCHD provide details of the phone extensions list in number 7 by location (desk phone, conference room, breakroom, or other location)?

Answer: Yes

Question: How many of the extension use 3-digit or 4-digit dialing?

Answer: All of our extensions are 4 digit extensions.

Question: If 4 or more, are they open to moving away from it and just using Dial by name or hot keys on a desk phone? 

Answer: Yes, I think this would be ok.

Question: How many current desk phones are in use and what are their makes and model?

Answer: Phone models are Polycom VVX-311 PoE  qty 105, VVX-411 PoE qty 22, VVX-501 qty 10.

Question: Are there any overhead paging requirements?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do any of the digital faxes connect to an analog fax machine?

Answer: They are fax ata boxes.

Question: Do you have a hybrid workforce? Meaning, do any of the remote workers also work in the office a few days per week? If so, how many are hybrid vs how many are fully remote?

Answer: Yes, up to 40 employees.

Question: Would you like to have the telephones shipped or delivered to your office that would arrive
pre-programmed for your staff to deploy (As in swapping out the old phone for new ones)?

Answer: Yes, if possible.

Question: Would you like our team to do an onsite installation?

Answer: No.

Question: Would you want the new telephones shipped (also pre-programmed) to your WFH/Remote

Answer: No, we do not need phones shipped to WFH/REMOTE staff. We will use a softphone or application for offsite staff.

Question: Do you prefer end user training? Some options include: Live/in-person, we provide end user tutorial videos, video conference with a trainer?

Answer: For our needs some video conference training with a trainer would be helpful and also end user training videos would be helpful to be of reference.

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