LFCHD Electronic Health Record RFP

LFCHD Electronic Health Record RFP

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Question: “In looking over the RFP, when exactly is the proposal due?1.3.2 Sealed Proposals will be accepted until 12/20/2023. LFCHD uses a web-based portal for accepting and evaluating proposals digitally (https://www.lfchd.org/rfp). 1.3.3 Proposals cannot be submitted after 5:00 pm 01/15/2024 EST.”

Answer: Proposals will be accepted until January 15th, 2024 at 5:00 pm EST.

Question: “How many providers will use the EHR?”

Answer: Users will be around 70 full time. Providers, meaning people who can place orders and give meds, etc—there are about 20 total part time.

Question: “How many patient visits are expected annually?”

Answer: Estimated 25,000.

Question: “How many sites?”

Answer: Currently 1.

Question: “Which services/Departments will use the EHR, and how will it be used?”

Answer: Clinic/WIC for patient management and clinical documentation. Epi, disease investigation, TB, and infectious disease for case management and reviewing of records.

Question: On page 26 of Specification document, in the 5.1 Hold Harmless and Indemnification Clause … you state:

    • This Hold Harmless and Indemnification Clause shall in no way be limited by any financial responsibility or insurance requirements and shall survive the termination of this Contract.

We carry above standard levels of insurance so that we do not have unknown liability.  Would the county accept the following language instead:

    • Regardless of any legal theory or any claim, in no event shall the amount of Lessor’s maximum aggregate liability to Lessee for damages, for indemnification or hold harmless obligation or duty and/or and attorney’s fees or court costs under this Agreement exceed Lessor’s applicable insurance limits.  Furthermore, In no circumstances shall Lessor’s liability for damages or for indemnification obligation or duty exist after the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations or one year after this Agreement terminates, whichever first occurs.

Answer: It has been decided that the above will not suffice.

Question: Number of Providers (Breakdown each provider type and how many are full-time and part-time)
Keep in mind, this question is NOT just how many prescribing providers they have, but it is a count of all end users that will need to be trained in the provider workflow or any end user that will be signing off on documents/orders should be included in your provider counts.

Answer: Full Time – 70 and Part Time – 20

Question: Number of End Users?

Answer: Full Time – 19

Question: EHR Solution?

Answer: Yes

Question: ePM Solution?

Answer: Yes

Question: BH Solution/Suite?

Answer: No

Question: Number of Practices (tax IDs)?

Answer: 1

Question: Number of Locations or Clinics?

Answer: 59 (58 school sites, 1 clinic site)

Question: Which specialties are to be included?

Answer: Clinic – immunizations, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Tuberculosis, WIC (Women, Infants and Children supplemental nutrition program), School Health.

Question: Number of Go-Live Events (Phases)?

Answer: This will be determined during pre-implementation planning phase. Which will happen after an EHR has been chosen.

Question: Ortho or Therapy Suites?

Answer: No

Question: Medication Inventory Control?

Answer: Yes

Question: FQHC?

Answer: No

Question: ASC?

Answer: No

Question: Are dental services provided?

Answer: No

Question: I was hoping you could break down your provider count in a bit more detailed structure.  Could you please review the following.  Thanks!

Answer: # of MDs/Dos–1, # of PAs/NPs–1, # of nurses–90, # of other support staff like medical assistants, etc…–19

Question: Please define the desired timeline for Implementation, Specification document- 2.8 Potential Phasing and Target Live Dates, and Tab 5- Project Schedule, IV. Projected Go-Live Dates list differing requirements. 

Answer: We do not currently have a desired timeline.  We plan to develop this with the chosen vendor.

Question: Is the implementation timeline defined based upon funding requirements?

Answer: Not necessarily, but we do have some one time funding that we can use this fiscal year which ends June 30th 2024.

Question: Would LFCHD be willing to extend the response submission timeline due to vendor resourcing constraints from the holidays?

Answer: We have decided not to do this.  If we do not get an acceptable bid we have the option to repost the RFP.

Question: Please list all desired interoperability connections that LFCHD would require the new EHR to connect to (KHIE, Lab systems, KYIR, etc.).

Answer: You will find this in the RFP under Attachment A, tab 9 Interfaces.

Question: Please provide the budget that LFCHD wishes for vendors to be within for this RFP.

Answer: We have decided not to release our budget.

Question: How many personnel will LFCHD have supporting the implementation and maintenance of the EHR solution.

Answer: Up to 4 people.

Question: Please provide additional descriptions to the Wound Care Program

Answer: We do not currently have a WoundCare program, and have listed it as desirable on the RFP.  Therefore we do not have a good description for the program, currently.

Question: Does LFCHD prescribers prescribe controlled substances, if so, how many?

Answer: No.

Question: Does LFCHD currently have a document management system that is used today? 

Answer: No.

Question: I see the number of visits outlined in the RFP. Is there any information related to collections from insurance, patient pay, and your school health programs?

Answer: We do not currently bill private insurance only Medicaid. We do allow patients to pay for their service using cash, however most do not. We have not determined out school health model as of yet.

Question: Do any providers at your health agency have an NPI number? If yes, how many? Are the MDs, PAs, or NPs?

Answer: Yes, 2, 1 MD and 1 APRN

Question: The RFP states “How is access provisioned for external (non-LFCHD) users of the system such as external agency users?”

Answer: This would be if we wanted to give access to trusted partners that need to access the information.

Question: Is the number of external users included in the total user count?

Answer: No

Question: If not, how many additional external users should be accounted for?

Answer: These users would be read only and would only need for reference. If we need these users, we are unsure currently how many we will need.

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